Welcome to our consortium of international specialists in management consulting, solving business problems & creating value.

Welcome to our consortium of international
specialists in management consulting, solving
business problems & creating value.

Honeycorp Consulting

Chartered Managers & Certified Management Consultants

Honeycorp Consulting are professional Management Consultants providing business solutions to varieties of industries in the private and public sectors. Applying International standards in consulting our specialisations range from financial management to digital transformation, from strategic management to enterprise development, from human capital development to business process optimisation

What we do

Chartered Managers & Certified Management Consultants

We adopt the process of architecting solutions to business problems using first principles and deep root cause analysis. From diagnosis to prognosis and execution we adopt the ISO 20700 consulting framework and have successfully supported many organisations in the private and public sectors to optimize or transform their business ecosystems.

Strategic Management

We advise companies on high-level tools and techniques with our experienced team, in formulating and executing business strategic plans.

Business optimization

We help your organisation improve your perfomance by auditing your business process, and adopt business process management principal to help tyou improve your bottomline.

Digital transformation

We help to design and implement end to end digital automation process enterprise wide. the goal is to enhance performance, optimize operations and save cost.

Intellectual capital development

We leverage on the vast exprience of our strategic partners to deliver bespoke solutions in performance management, talent and change management.

Honeycorp Consulting is grown out of a consortium of professionals with over 25 years active consulting expertise and services in the UK and Nigeria

Ethical Consulting

We ensure that we abide by the code of conduct of the consulting profession and Consult according to the ISO 20700 framework. We are transparent and clear about our processes with our clients.

Pursuit of Excellence

Quality if service is our priority. Our Team functions at international standards as expected of professional consultants. Our take an innovative approach to problem solving.

Human Capital Development

Our consultants are duly certified and are constantly updating their knowledge based and skillset according to current trends and pracitces. Our work environment and career growth is fair and without prejudice to gender, race, or age.


We have delivered many dozens of workshops and seminars as well as leadership development programmes across industries in several parts of Nigeria. Honeycorp is a member of the Nigeria Institute of Training & Development, and our short programmes and retail workshops are validated by the LSBF.

Our Services

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