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Honeycorp Consulting

Honeycorp Consolidated is fast emerging as one of the specialist providers of services in corporate training, enterprise development and entrepreneurship training and coaching, as well as capacity building in Government and in the private sector. Our skills are focused on the delivery of unique, innovative, yet, functional solutions to our client’s business needs. Our tailored solutions depend on an intuitive and intellectual understanding of today’s local and international business environment coupled with a professional approach to analysis of client’s business circumstances leading to the design of practical, flexible, modular solutions.


These, in training, corporate re-engineering, entrepreneurship development, and entrepreneurship mentoring and coaching.

Incorporated originally in the UK in 1991, Honeycorp was subsequently registered in Nigeria in 1994 with a specialization in Management Consultancy, with emphasis on training and capacity building. In 17 years, the company, with a team of young, dynamic consultants, have effectively been involved in many training and development projects for the Federal Government of Nigeria, State Governments and the organized private sector as well as small businesses.

Since 2010 Honeycorp has trained over 450 youths on entrepreneurial skills and vocations on behalf of the Federal Government’s Amnesty Programme, earning the “Commendation Letter” for 2012 as the “Best Trainer” in Entrepreneurship Development on behalf of COG Global Ltd.

Since 2007 Honeycorp has also effectively taught 20,000 persons in Lagos State, under the Cooperative Societies Conferences of its Ministry of Agriculture. In addition, the Ministry of training and Establishment has called upon our consultants as resource persons for dozens of internal workshops. In addition, we have consulted for dozens of companies in over 17 years and our lead consultants spoke in dozens of leadership conferences attracting more than 18,000 participants in total. 

The rate of high school and university graduations in Nigeria, coupled with premature retirements in corporate organisations and government has created a massive demand for employability or entrepreneurship skills. The Federal Government and some State governments have declared a necessity for vocational skills acquisition as well as greater management skills development in order to attain the oft stated goal of Nigeria becoming one of the 20 biggest economies in the world by 2020.

Honeycorp Consolidated has positioned itself as a capacity building corporation with experience and practical achievements in meeting the demands of these educational and professional goals of the enterprise market Nigeria. By undergoing a strategic partnership with the London School of Business & Finance in delivering quality business skills and certifications in management for qualified Nigerians through our specialised training centre in Nigeria as well as at the LSBF Campuses worldwide, we will meet the nation’s demands as well as our corporate goals.



  • Corporate Development
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Operations Management
  • Investment planning & Appraisal
  • Corporate Project Management
  • Sales Force Management
  • Market Research & Development
  • Information Management.


  • Corporate Recruitment
  • 360 Assessment
  • Staff Development & Training
  • Business Coaching


  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Skills Acquisition
  • Business Development


Our Key Organisational Milestones



In the United Kingdom to provide consultancy services for technology start ups and assist enterprises scale up their services and enter new markets.



Won the contract to provide powered access platforms for the Federal Government of Nigeria. Established presence in Nigeria at Agura Hotel in Abuja.



Registered corporate entity in Nigeria and extends consultancy services to enterprises and states as well as the Federal Government.



Won awards for excellent delivery of consultancy services to the Federal Government, delivering entrepreneurship training to 450+ ex militants though the Amnesty programme

Our Purpose

To confront the challenges of the business ecosystem and solve them with bold, innovative and sustainable strategic solutions.

Our Vision

To help transform our clients, partners, and communities, building solutions empowering people. We shall operate to deliver tailored solutions to clients in all industries, private and public. We shall provide a consortium of experts to provide practical consulting services according to international consulting best practices.

Our core Values

Our core values are the important ethics that guide our decision-making processes.

Ethical Consulting

  • Ensure we abide by the code of conduct of the
    consulting profession.
  • Consult according to the ISO 20700 framework
  • Always be transparent and clear about our
    processes with our clients.

Pursuit of Excellence

  • Ensure we deliver quality service.
  • Build our own team to the international standards expected of professional consultants.
  • Adopt innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Human Capital Development

  • Ensure our consultants are duly certified by their
    appropriate professional institutions.
  • Constantly updating our knowledge base and skill
    sets according to current trends and practices.
  • Ensure a fair and equitable work environment and
    career growth without prejudice to gender, race
    or age.


“No matter how hard you and your people work. No matter how wonderful your culture, no matter how good your products, or how noble your motives. If you don’t get the strategy right, everything else is at risk”. Let us help you develop your business strategy, automate the strategy map, and execute your strategic process.



We work with our clients to investigate the issue requiring intervention. Our process follows the consulting framework established in ISO 20700,


Data gathered from meeting with all key stakeholders and information supplied by the client helps us analyse the issues.


Armed with the analysis of all information gathered, we provide our diagnosis and prognosis, and support with practical recommendations.


We don’t just provide recommendations, but also assist in creating frameworks for execution and can provide supervision as well.





Executive Development


Performance Management

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